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Specialty Recommended / 新闻动态
White Horse Crabs
2017 - 05 - 19
Lotus Plumule
It is the center of the lotus seed with green germ, it can be the medicine and food, and has the function of clearing heat, enhancing essence, comfort the spirit, cardiotonic.
2017 - 05 - 19
Lotus Leaf Tea
It has the function of reducing weight, and lotus leaf is the traditional medicine for reducing weight. Because the root and leaf of lotus have the function of diuresis and relaxing the bowels.
2017 - 05 - 19
Lotus Tea
The raw material is lotus. Process the lotus without budding by science and technology to make it which is a senior kind of natural drink with the natural quality of the flowers. The function is to clear heat, to detoxify, beauty and to comfort the spirit.
2017 - 05 - 19
Small Shrimp
It has rich protein, calcium, potassium, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals and vitamin A, aminophylline. Its meat is soft and easy to digest, and is the excellent food for the weak people and people need rehabilitation after sick.
2017 - 05 - 19
Travel Strategy / 成功案例
案例名称: White Horse Crabs
说明: Hotel phone number: 0517-86858888Yilong booking number:4009-333-333Address: No. 101, Jinhu West Road, Jinhu County
说明: Function and nutritional value: The nutrition of hairy crab is rich, as recorded by: The function of the crabs is to comfort the sinew and helpful to the Qi and digestion, and can also dredge the channels and reject the heat and congestion. The meat of the crab is salty and cold in property, it also can clear the heat, reject congestion and nourish Yin. It can treat the contusions and injuries, sinew hurt and bone broken, allergic dermatitis. Burn the carapace into ash and mix with the honey to get the product that can use external application to treat injury from hornet and other pyogenic disease. The crab meat is also the natural tonic, regular consumption can complete high-quality protein and various kinds of trace elements.
案例名称: Lotus Lake Gold Loach
说明: Approach: 1. Select “the gold loaches in lotus lake” and keep in the basin with clear water, change water for many times to let loaches spit all the mud. 2. Remove the loaches and put a little salt, cooking wine and ginger into the basin for one hour, making the loaches have the flavor. 3. Dry the loaches, and use scissors to open the belly, take and wash the viscera. 4. Prepare the vegetable oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate onion, ginger and others; 5. Put the oil into sand pot and heat oil, add green onion and ginger, fry the loaches until both sides change the color, then add sauce and water, boil with big fire. 6. Use small fire to boil loaches cooked and soup thick, then sprinkle monosodium glutamate.
案例名称: Huyang Eel Pot
说明: As for this famous dish, the process is not complicated, but the material and the process is fastidious. Select a wild eel in Gaoyou Lake area, the weight should better be between 8 liang (50g) to 1 catty.
案例名称: Jinhu Lobster
说明: Once thinking of the lobster, people all know the maintain city, Xuyu. Actually, no one knows, people in Louzhuang Village of Minqiao Town in Jinhu County are the earliest to eat and authentic bake the lobster.
案例名称: Old Goose Rice Crust
说明: Select the old goose at the rural village head and rural stove rice crust as the raw material, after stir-fry and braise, add the special flavor and boil it. The rice crust is crisp, juicy, tasty, fat but not greasy, and it is the traditional special dish in Jinhu.
说明: It is located on the north of Jinhu, with 170 thousand mu area of water and 99 islands, is the national AA level tourism scenic area and national agricultural tourism demonstration site. The “happiness of fishing family” with admiring the lake, visiting the fish island, entering the fishing family as the theme, give you unlimited enjoyment.
案例名称: Bacon Wild Eel Segment
说明: Raw material:500g wild rice field eel. Private bacon (thigh) 100g, several garlic and other condiments.
案例名称: Sticky Rice Lotus Root
说明: Select the local fresh lotus roots and clean them, cut off the head but no throw away, soak the sticky rice for two hours ahead and put them into the hole of lotus roots with chopstick compacting the sticky rice, and then fix the cap with a toothpick, boil them for two hours using small fire with rock candy, then slice up and put on the plate.
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